1. Write a paragraph about at least three reasons cities need to change and adapt in the future. Include at least three images.

2. Write a paragraph about the possible problems facing cities regarading water in the future. What about three possible solutions. Inlcude at least three images

3. Explain thoroughly the problems that cities may face in te future in terms of energy. What are the main sources of energy consumption in a city. Write about at least three possible solutions that cities can do in the future to reduce energy consumption and move to cleaner energies. Include at least three images

4. Explain throughly the problems facing cities in the future regarding waste. Write about at least three possible solution in the future. Include at least three images.

5. As team of four sit and wirte a concluding paragraph about your hopes for the future of Detroit. In what ways do you hope businesses in the future will become more sustainable and what posiitve impact do you hope they will have on the future of Deyroit and the people who live in it?
Roman, Sean, Ethan, and Merrill
Chance, Domo, Ben & Harry's team
Chloe, Nina,Jamie&Azaria
Ammanuel, Max & Felix
Caroline, Larissa, Zoha, Lily
Jodi, Dorian, Emily, Sophie
Maggie, Reagan, Bella, Izzy
Khalil,David, Mary Sumner, Katie
Chase, Nic, Palladio