Module 6

Module 7 lesson 2

Directions For Monday November 28th:

Go to the math page of your digital backpack and make a geometry page-remember to name it uniquely for example DNA1 geometry
Follow this link and watch carefully the first four movies
Answer the following questions on the geometry math page you made
What is a geometry transformation?
What is a geometric Rotation?
What is a geometric Reflection?
What is a geometric translation?
Go to the following website:
Read carefully through each page, make sure you go all the way to the bottom of each page. Complete the activity-link is at the bottom of the page and then complete the test. Take a screen shot of the results of the test and put it on your math geometry wiki page

Journal page 178-181 and Sl 5.5

6th Grade Games and Resources

Multiplying Fractions Grace and Steph--
Dividing fractions- Andre and Lee and Jake

6th Grade Math Book Online:

Online Games and Resources Organized by Unit

Lure of the Labyrinth