Dorian's Tower Page :) :D

What did you learn about building towers from the straw activity? If you could do it all over , what would you do effectively?

‍I learned that the building has to be strong, and it can't be just amazing, it needs to be strong, to hold everyone inside. If you are trying to making it look cool, you have to make the shape first. If we had to do it all over again, we would do it the exact same way we did it last time.

Give two specific examples of how your team worked well together on this task. Give two specific areas that your team still needs to work on for the next challenge?

We did a great job on fuiguring out the problems we had and taking turns. The only thing that we still nedd to work on is getting our other team mate to help us more, listen more, and us to help him fuigure everything out so we can be more creative.