"hey get over here, I'll get you"
I was running as fast as my legs can take me from the store owner. This is the 3rd time ever a shop owner caught me shop lifting. I keep on running as fast as my legs toke me and I finally lost the store owner like I always do. I heard police sirens going off I new things wouldn't be good so I broke a window of a abandoned building and stood in there for the rest of the night hopefully the police won't catch me. You can call me a theft if you want to but i don't call shop lifting for my own good a crime. I mean technally I'm a theft because you know thefts go inside stores and steal stuff but I'm not trying to be a theft I'm just doing it for my own good. I eat my chips that I stole ya I said it chips I don't see why a store owner has to get so mad just for chips that's not really a biggy. It was daytime and it's time to go and get breakfast "Where Should I go today..... Ummmmmmmm, Oh I know Kroger!" I went past CVS to Kroger I sneaked in and toke the Cereal I toke a ran for it. I was going though the door when all of a sudden a beep went off. It was the stick before u exit to see if you payed for the stuff. I ran even fast with the shop owner chasing me. I tripped and feel he told his coworker to call the police he keep me down I was trying my hardest to get up. But the store owner was to strong and the police were in my sight. I finally started ruining but the police were cashing me the police man toke out his gun and then I was really scared. I looked back and i tripped over a rock and the police put me in handcuffs and from there I went to his police car. We were driving to the police station and we finally arrived in the police station. The police man toke me to this table so he ask me questions.
"So what were you doing out there?""it's preatty avbouis I was shop lifting, DUH""Don't talk smart to me, I hope you know shop lifting is Ill-legal so why did you do so""I did that because I was hungry and I do that do a living!" I new that wasn't the best thing to say.
"Ok and I heard that other shop owners reported that you have been stealing from them, ouch that's going to put a dent in your recored"
"Ok let's go, follow me"
“Ok you will be staying in here for the night” said the police officerIt was a dry boring cell with nothing to do only thing that the cell had was a bed and the nastiest bathroom you can imagine of. I refused to stay in here for a whole night so I punched the police officer not realizeing how bad this was I started to run it was kind of hard with thease annoying hand cuffs on. Sirens went off and all police were after me there was no way I can make it. I keep on running with hope. I keep on running a police started chasing me he was right behind me and then another one came right infort of me and then I was trapped. I slid down and I cant belive I actually made it but there was no time to stop I keep on running as fast as my legs can take me. I mean look at the facts I always shop lift and get away with it so I cant be that hard. I was close to the door it will take me a little longer to get the door open since I had handcuffs on I turned around and open the door. I keep on running down the street all of the police officers hopped in there car and started going for me there was no way I can make it alive. I ran on the sidewalk where there was a crowd of people so if I was going to die they would have to die with me the police man stoped and new I was being smart with them. That didn’t stop them each one came out of there car and pointed the pistols at me a bullet was coming my way when I toke somebody and used them as a shield everyone started screaming and yelling I cant belive what I just did I toke a person and used them as my shield the person fell to the ground and it was pretty bloody. The police got really mad so each one toke there gun out and they all shoted at once I started running until I saw a truck I ran up to it and jumped on it in the back and the truck was going pretty fast so each police man got in there cars and started chasing the truck there were about 7 cars chasing the truck. The police toke out there guns and started shooting the trucks tires and the trucks went crazy it started turning and caused lots of traffic the truck eventually flipped over and it busted into flames. I was just in time to get out of the truck before it blow up but unfortunly the driver died I started running and running and I knew this was the end there were no cars or anything to get away from the police, a bullet came to my back and I feel down with blood gushing everywhere. I wasn’t fully dead but I was really ingured ambulances started rushing my way the guy picked me up but me in there bed and rolled me in the ambulance. The next time I woke up I was in the hospital at the police station. I was fine and I new I wasent going to do that again.The police man toke me to my jail cell where I was originally going to go into before I started running he pushed me in here and said “ill see you tomorrow ill be asking you a few questions” I knew that in a jail cell you weren’t treated very well and I never liked when people bossed me around so this is going to be a long night. It was 9:00 pm and it was time to go to bed. But the bed was like a horror movie. I guess this is what you get if you do something bad. Honestly I would rather be in my ubannded bulding then this and that’s filled with bugs and other creatures that you wouldn’t want to know about. I lawed down in the most horrifying bed I have ever seen. It was ruff, rusty, nasty and nasty. I new that tomorrow wouldn’t be the best I will be going to the police who will ask me questions then the next the day I will be going to court managing if I should be free or go to jail. I woke up and the police toke me to this room that was all plain with one white desk.
“Sit down” Said the Police Man“Now why do you shop-lift”“Because I need it for my own good because I live on the street with no food what so ever and”“Stop I don’t need the whole story I asked you a straight forward question hoping to have a straight forward Answer” “Now why did you start running causeing lots of rucius ending up to kill someone which can result in a execution on your part”I was really scard when he said the word EXUCUTION I didn’t know that all of this can lead to a Exucution.“AWNSER ME IM GETTING IMPASSITE” Said the Police Man“I only used the shield because I didn’t want to get hurt and im already wounded from all the times I tripped and I only started running because the room and the bed was the nastiest thing I have ever seen and I only toke something so little that probley didn’t matter”“You would porbley been out of here this morning if you didn’t kill someone and didn’t run”“Technally you killed the person because you shot the gun”“Stop being smart with me you toke the kid as a shield and the bullet was ment for you”“That dosent mean I cant block myself from dieing you would of probley do the same”“Uh no I wouldn’t, anyways Why did you Trip a police man and made a truck steer out of turn which eventually flipped over and blew up with the result of killing the driver?”
“Well Techanlly I didn’t flip the car over you shot the tire and then it flipped over and you killed that person so I didn’t exactly kill anyone.”
“Im tired of your smart mouth and I'm not going to agure anymore, Back to your Cell! Be ready for tomorrowCourt Day!”
I was back to the old rusty boring cell for the rest of the night and I have to be ready for Court Tomorrow I don’t have a lawyer and I don’t have Paperwork and there is no way I can get either right now I’m dead. I went to bed hoping that everything will be fine tomorrow and that I don’t have to stay in this Old Rusty Jail for the next 2 years of my life.
“Wake Up its time to go to Court”
“This Early”“ YES, FAST I cant tolerate how slow you are, LETS GO!!!!”The Police Man toke me to his police car to go to Court. We arrived and he toke me to the court room I sat down waiting to see what will happen.
“Order in the court” I had no Lawyers no papers or anything so I new that there was no point of being here except for a waste of a time. So I just stood up and started walking to the door I didn’t say anything I just walked. The police man tried to stop me but I just keep on walking ignoring him he then pushed me on the ground and everyone gasped and the funny thing is that this court session is on TV live.
It Hurt but that didn’t stop me from still ignoring him I keep on walking and he was getting mad then he toke out his gun and pointed right infornt of my face. “Im so tired about this whole gun thing you point at me and you think I'm sacred, hahahahhaha, shot me right now I don’t care click it Go Ahead!”
“Sit down and you wont get shot”“I rather have you shot me instead of my following your orders”“Ok you asked for it”The bullet was coming my way until I ducked and it hit someone else“I thought you were going to shot me”I toke his gun flipped it over and pointed the gun right at the side of his headEveryone else was under the tables terrified “Now I don’t want to have to use this but if I have to I will all you have to do is follow my orders and you or no one will be hurt, Now Sit Down!”I shot the gun in the air just so I can get him more terrified I turned the gun and shot someone without even looking. The police man gasped and got really scared.“Ha what am I waiting for I'm just going to shot you now”I shot him and blood gushed everywhere I didn’t realized what I was doing because sometimes when I get mad I have those moments when I don’t know what I’m doing and don’t realize how bad it is. Everyone else seemed scared I heard someone calling the police and I toke my gun and shot the phone and it got trashed I was kind of afraid because she was in the middle of the call and said where I was so the police are probley coming. My face turned red and I pointed my gun at the person who called the police and shot her she fell to the ground with blood gushing everywhere I heard the police sirens coming closer and louder I new that if I stood here I would die instally so I ran out the door as fast as my legs can take me. When I went out of the court room outside the police man where just getting out of there car they toke out the guns and started shooting at me a bullet was comming down right at my ankle it hit is and blood gushed out but I was strong to keep on running but slower the another bullet hit my hand and I fell to the ground with my only hand that was not hurt I toke out my gun and shot a police man and then another one and another one by then they were all dead but more where comming. I got up with pain and started hopping on my one foot that didn't hurt. I keep on going when all of a sudden a police car came the police man got out of there carand started shooting me I My gun and started shoting the police and it hit him and he feel i new that if I were to just hope my whole way hoping to make it alive that wouldnt be so accurate