Ammanuel, Dane and Reagan

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Significant Events:
1. Detroit's Decreasing Population
Detroit Population Declined: 1 Person every 22 minuites 2010 census data shows every 22 minutes someone leaves Detroit. Detroit is the only state that had population decline from 2000 Detroit lost 25 percent of there population from 2000. Detroit lost a quarter of there population
2. Kwame Kilpatrick's Money Scandal
3. Automotive Industry Crisis

2. Kwame Kilpatrick's Money Scandal
In the years 2008-2009, Kwame Kilpatrick was caught using his position as mayor to provide few needs but many wants to his family and close friends. It is reported the he stole somewhere over a million dollars from Detroit to benefit only what he wanted for him, not for the city of Detroit. He stole most of the money from the secretary's office and money supposed to go to firepaid police departments. All in all, Kwame Kilpatrick gained the trust of the people in Detroit, used their money for what he told them would benefit Detroit and it's people and got caught. This is definitely a significant event in Detroit's history.

GM files for bankruptcy which is the biggest ever industrial bankruptcy ivolves up to 172 billion dollars in dept. if it goes to planed it will reconstructedD in 60-90 days