2.10.12Study smart study less!!!!!!!!!!

Study Smart, Study LessThesis: Study Smart, Study LessBy: Ammanuel Roberts
Did you know Some of us wish that we can just take a flash drive stick it in our head and we would know our subject backwards and forwards. Hate to break it to you but it just doesn’t go that way. To actually have your subject in your head backwards and forwards you have to study. Some of us don’t even need to study to get a A+ but on the author hand some of us need to study all night and may not even end up with a A+.
Some of you may make up your own way to studying like for example have your parents make a practice test for you. That’s exactly the right way to go. Don’t just show up in class the next day expecting to get a good score on your test when you didn’t even study. What if you study all night you seem to be doing everything right but the end results isn’t meeting your expectations. Here’s a simple scenario: “oh gosh got a big test tomorrow I have to study in order to get a A+ but I have a big soccer game tonight and I can’t miss it, studding can wait”
Stop right there like I said you cannot study and expect to get a good test score. We kids got to admit that our brains do shut down when were very tried. For example you are sitting at your desk all night studying but you don’t feel like you’re getting anything out of it. From experience that happens. Here’s a good tip to studying if you’re in the situation of your brain shutting down. Have you ever looked at it this way “I can study but not study today” You may think I’m crazy when saying this. But I’m not, some of you may not even think about studying in the morning when you have a fresh mind even our president today Barack Obama studied and did his homework in the morning.
You may think that studying in the morning would be doing it at the last minute but it really isn’t. Most schools start between 7:00 am to 8:00 am somewhere in that range of time. That just means wake up an hour early. Some of you may not be an early bird but if you want a A+ you have to deserve it.
If waking up in the morning doesn’t work for you study the minute you get home and study till you feel like you have the real grip of your subject. If you’re struggling with a question on your test and you just don’t know it skip it and get back to it when you’re done with all the other questions.
But what happens when you get back to it and you still can’t find out the answer? Go ask your teacher he will give you a hint of how to do it. But what if that doesn’t help this may be guessing and it is but if your question is multiple choice the most likable answer is C. Yes that may be guessing but that is what you deserve if you don’t study that’s why it’s very important to study.
My friend once told me that he almost failed math because he wasn't doing good on his test and he wasn't doing EC as soon as I heard that I made sure I did EC specially when I wasn't doing good.
Maybe you’re a Mad Slacker and don’t care about your grades. That is a bad direction because when you grow up you may end up working at a place like mc Donald’s or someplace like that. I’m not saying mc Donald’s is a bad place to work at but trust me if you do good in school you can end up somewhere bigger then that you can make the next big Facebook or own a big cooperate business ext. You may get bad grades but you can turn your grades around if you’re in middle school you get graded on a lot of things so if you are in middle school and get bad grades its really easy to turn around to a A+.

Heres a scenario: I play the role of a 6th grade middle school student and I'm in science class and my teacher tells us that we have a opportunity to do extra credit and my grades weren't the best at the best at the time, but in my head I was thinking I don't have time to do EC stop right there that’s a perfect opportunity to get my grades up some of you may already have good grades and don’t need to do extra credit I still recommend doing extra credit, why? You may ask, Well you show your parents that you really do care about school and you will have higher expectations then your other peers. Well I hope this essay was pretty helpful and hopefully you can push up your grades if they aren’t in good