Three Most Significant Events in Detroit History
Detroit Race Riot on March 6, 1863. During the American Civil war, is reported as the bloodiest days ever dawned on Detroit. Started when police investigating a unlicensed bar arrested all 82 people attending a party happening inside the building. Lasted 5 days. 43 people died and 35 buildings were destroyed. Lots of other buildings were burnt but not destoyed as harsh as the 35. 1189 people were inured in the rampage on the streets.

Civil War in Detroit
Even though Detroit wasn't actually a battle ground in the Civil War over 90000 men served in the war from Detroit, mostly because of Ulysses S. Grant. Many Detroiters voluteered because President Grant was Stationed in the city. Abraham Lincoln actually quoted "thank god for Michigan."

Opening of Belle Isle in Detroit
Belle Isle opened in 1884. This was a very important event because at the time it was the largest island in the nation. It is also important because it is a park tha is still here today.