Our three most important facts in our opinion where in 1701 Antoine de La Mothe Cadillac lead hundreds of Algonquins to Detroit or “le Detroit.” We think this was one of the most important events because if he had not lead all the men to Detroit they would not have found Detroit until much later in history and the French might have been conquered by the English and Iroquois.
Also another important fact from 1700-1750 the Ste. Anne church is the first building in Detroit in 1701 soon followed by fort pontratrain. This was important because it was the first building to be built in Detroit and if we did not have that church we might not have had a lot of other important buildings to be later build in Detroit.
Our third most important event that happened in Detroit from 1700-1750 in our opinion is on March 13, 1748 the first child was born in Detroit and her name was Marie Archanged. This was important because she started the second generation of Detroit and many more generations to come. Because if she was not born and no other children were born Detroit would be a ghost town.